Mission & Goals

Entrepreneurs see the climate chance that helps cure the world's fever

By supporting HopeNow entrepreneurs around the globe simply agree to the following Entrepreneurs' Statement.

Entrepreneurs' Statement

I support HopeNow and I agree with the following statement:

  • The world’s fever is a huge global threat that is mainly man-made and can be averted.
  • We need to act now in a decisive manner.
  • We support market-based measures that help to solve the problem as fast as possible.
  • Therefore, we promote, among other actions, carbon pricing that yields carbon dividends directly to citizens.

Our goals

We tell the world that a massive number of entrepreneurs want the world's fever to be cured also, among other initiatives, by applying whatever market-based measures it takes.

We bring entrepreneurs from around the globe together to discuss what we can contribute to curing the world's fever.

We aspire to have hundreds (2021) and then thousands (2022 and on) of entrepreneurs supporting the HopeNow mission.