Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need HOPE NOW if many governments are already dealing with climate change?

All the countries of the world that have important climate initiatives are lagging massively behind in fulfilling their plans.


Governments manage their nation’s day-to-day business and take care of the most pressing short-term problems first.


Most people who take a longer-term view feel that addressing climate change is urgent.

As entrepreneurs, long-term thinking is in our DNA, and we know we must initiate the necessary work now to have a lasting impact.


HOPE NOW supporters apply long-term thinking to the challenge of climate change.


We invite you to state your support for our mission. Watch the videos on our homepage where foundation founder Thomas Bergen explains HOPE NOW’s purpose and how entrepreneurs working together can contribute significantly to stopping climate change.


What happens once you’ve reached your goal of connecting many entrepreneurs worldwide?

As we connect entrepreneurs who support HOPE NOW’s mission in their communities, we’ll ask those who are interested to opt in as HOPE NOW ambassadors to bring other entrepreneurs onboard.

We will facilitate discussions of effective ways of engaging in the political processes that lead to stopping climate change by advocating putting a price on carbon emissions.


HOPE NOW also will help entrepreneurs stay up-to-date on the most recent knowledge and progress in initiatives to fight climate change.

Which entrepreneurs are already supporting HOPE NOW?

Click here to find a list of entrepreneurs who support HOPE NOW.

How can I join HOPE NOW?

All entrepreneurs who support the HOPE NOW mission are welcome to join us.

Contact us, please. We’ll ask you to send us your information so that we can add you to our site. (photographs requested, but optional)

Click here to see who is already involved.


Entrepreneurs can contribute now to stopping climate change; that is HOPE NOW’s mission. First, sign up to show your support. On our mission page and homepage, our foundation’s founder, Thomas Bergen, explains HOPE NOW’s purpose and tells you how you can make a difference.

Apart from saying “I’m in” and sending my photo, do I have any other commitments?

Not now. In a video on our mission page, Thomas Bergen, HOPE NOW’s founder, explains that simply showing your support is the first step. That can lead to becoming a HOPE NOW ambassador, organizer and advocate, if you opt in. 


(By the way, if you don’t want your photo to appear, you can support HOPE NOW without showing it.)


What does a HOPE NOW ambassador do?

Ambassadors are the main drivers of HOPE NOW’s growth. In the video below, founder Thomas Bergen explains what ambassadors do and why they’re important to our mission of involving thousands of entrepreneurs in combating climate change. You can bring your leadership skills to this mission.

How should a carbon fee be structured?

The carbon fee should be paid out in full to citizens as a carbon dividend – in equal shares, per capita.

This is not a tax that ends up in a politically administered pot. 

Instead, the money flows directly into the pockets of citizens. Carbon dividends will yield income for people who emit less CO2 per capita.

Carbon fees will lead, finally, to fair pricing of CO2 emissions and will promote innovation because we must develop and implement new energy solutions quickly.

If carbon dividends are so effective, why don't they exist yet?

An overwhelming majority of economists are in favor of the carbon dividend. They know that it exerts the highest leverage, the most impact, on solving the climate puzzle.

However, policymakers and politicians are not getting the governmental majorities needed to take this concrete action.

Entrepreneurs can tip the balance. We need to get involved now.

I do not find my question answered here

Please send us your question through the contact page so that we can answer it and possibly publish the answer here as well.

That’s helpful to us.

Thank you.