Frequently Asked Questions

The governments of many countries are already dealing with the climate crisis. Why do we need HOPE NOW?

First, we call it the CLIMATE CHANCE (More about that in a separate answer, please click here to read it)

Fact is that all the countries of the world that have important climate initiatives are lagging massively behind plan.

Governments manage the day-to-day business and take care of the most urgent problems first. However, long-term thinking shows that the climate challenge is a task that absolutely must be addressed now.

As entrepreneurs, long-term thinking is in our DNA and we initiate necessary developments early.

HOPE NOW supporters consider it their duty to also apply this longer-term thinking to the climate challenge. That’s how we can help to solve the problem.

Why do you speak of a climate chance instead of a climate crisis?

Way too much time has passed since we learned that we’re running into a huge mess.

It’s late and the time calls for real solutions. Among other things, HOPE NOW supporters believe that a carbon dividend is the single-most effective measure to help solve the climate crisis puzzle.

Such a carbon dividend will create fair pricing on the resource of pure air and create huge opportunities for innovative businesses.

When the world can solve the climate problem AND see innovation move forward, that’s what we see as the climate chance.

From HopeNow's point of view, what needs to happen now to get from climate crisis to climate chance?

HOPE NOW supporters are convinced that societies worldwide must also use market-based measures to finally start making great progress in solving the problem.

It is not enough to have done something if, in the end, the goal is missed.

That is why we support, among other things, the introduction of a carbon dividend.

This carbon dividend is the most effective initiative headed towards the goal of solving the climate puzzle.


How should a carbon tax be structured?

The carbon tax should be paid out in full to citizens as a dividend – in equal shares, i.e. per capita.

This means that it is not a tax that ends up in a politically administered pot.

Instead, the money flows directly into the pockets of citizens.

On the one hand, this finally leads to a fair pricing of the resource of “clean air”.

It reduces CO2 emissions and promotes innovation because it boosts progressive companies.

On the other hand, there is a positive income effect for those people who emit less CO2 per capita.

Globally, for example, those 50% of people who have the lowest incomes benefit.

If the carbon dividend is so effective, why doesn't it exist yet?

An overwhelming majority of economists are clearly in favor of the carbon dividend as having the highest leverage to finally make the necessary impact on solving the climate puzzle.

However, the associations of researchers and politicians are not getting the needed majorities.

That’s where we entrepreneurs help tip the balance.

We need to get involved now.

Which entrepreneurs are already supporting HOPE NOW?

Please click here to find them.

How can I join HOPE NOW?

All entrepreneurs who support the HOPE NOW mission [Link to /mission] are welcome to join us.

Contact us, please. We’ll ask you to send us a photo/selfie of you giving a thumbs up plus some basic information about you and your business.

Click here to see who is already involved.

By 2022, we plan to have thousands of entrepreneurs from all over the world involved in the HopeNow mission 

Apart from saying “I’m in” and sending my photo, do I have any other commitments?


I do not find my question answered here

Please send us your question so that we can answer it and possibly publish the answer here as well.

That’s helpful to us.

Thank you.

What happens once you’ve reached your goal of having found thousands of entrepreneurs who support the HOPE NOW mission?

Starting soon, we’ll be connecting entrepreneurs who are interested in implementing the HOPE NOW mission in their communities.

We’ll facilitate discussions on effective ways of engaging in the political processes that lead to working towards the climate chance.

HOPE NOW will also help entrepreneurs stay up-to-date on the most recent knowledge around developments regarding climate initiatives.