Help stop climate change

Entrepreneurs from around the globe support the introduction of carbon fees
and carbon dividends with the goal to help stop climate change.


Thomas Bergen headshot from the video
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In this short video, founder Thomas Bergen explains how the support of entrepreneurs can help stop climate change

Thomas Bergen

Thomas Bergen supports HopeNow

María Fernanda Salvador

María Fernanda Salvador de Bergen supports HopeNow

Jobst Wagner

Jobst Wagner supports HOPE NOW

Nathaly Bachmann

Nathaly Bachmann supports HOPE NOW

Patrick Brigger

Patrick Brigger supports HopeNow

Niclas Carlsson

Niclas Carlsson supports HOPE NOW

Aticka Chona

Aticka Chona supports HopeNow

Staffan Hillberg

Staffan Hillberg supports HopeNow

Joachim Karthäuser

Joachim Karthäuser supports HopeNow

Michael Hilti


Armin Hopp


HSH Prince Michael of Liechtenstein

HSH Prince Michael of Liechtenstein supports HopeNow

Alexander Helling

Alexander Helling supports HOPE NOW

Torsten Hörisch

Torsten Hörisch supports HopeNow

Anton Gunzinger

Anton Gunzinger supports HOPE NOW

Daniel Gutenberg

Daniel Gutenberg supports HOPE NOW

Dominique von Matt

Dominique von Matt supports HOPE NOW

Thomas Binggeli

Thomas Binggeli supports HopeNow

Stefan Linder

Stefan Linder supports HopeNow

Max Renggli

Max Renggli supports HopeNow

Martin Hirzel


Jürg Haller

Jürg Haller supports HopeNow

Dave Hertig


Sacha Ghiglione


Florian Strasser


Pontus Kristiansson


Sonja Kuhn


Daika Ginza


Thomas Theurillat

Thomas Theurillat

Christof Reichmuth

Christof Reichmuth supports HOPE NOW

Dr. Marcel Ottiger

Marcel Ottiger supports HopeNow

Dr. Marco Di Berardino

Marco Di Berardino supports HopeNow

Daniel Fallegger

Daniel Fallegger supports HOPE NOW

Christian Suter

Christian Suter supports HopeNow

Christoph Bieri

Christoph Bieri supports Hope Now

Christoph Meierhans

Christoph Meierhans supports HopeNow

Julien Schoenlaub

Julien Schoenlaub supports HopeNow

Kuno Fischer

Kuno Fischer supports HopeNow

Patrick Kuster


Dr. iur. Georges Bindschedler